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A beginner's guide to powerlifting


PowerliftingFind your passion

If you’re considering starting powerlifting, then you’ll need to look at how you structure your training and receive guidance for your fir...

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Returning from injury better than before


Injury RehabInjury Prevention

No matter what we do, at some time or another we’ll find ourselves on the sideline with an injury. This is an unfortunate reality of life that i...

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Dry needling - What is it and does it work?


Injury PreventionInjury RehabPrehab

Any mention of needles is normally received with a shade of panic on a person’s face. Despite our deeply ingrained dislike of needles, the thera...

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Four steps to reduce your stress


StressStress ReliefMental Health

Do you feel drained? You’ve no more energy and you just can’t wait to hit the bed. When you’re finally there your mind starts playin...

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Firing up your home yoga practice this autumn


YogaHome Workout

Has your yoga practice began to suffer with the curveball life has thrown us in 2020? Has your motivation decreased? Did you start all guns blazing at...

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