What We Do


We offer an online platform for all people involved in the Irish Fitness Industry, whether they be business owners looking to showcase their work or gym-goers looking to find or review Fitness Facilities and Trainers.

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Why We Do It


Social media is a great tool but there is so much information out there that it makes it hard to know what’s true and/or important. We want to highlight and boost the work of Fitness Professionals who care more about their clients’ results than their social media profiles.

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How We Do It


We take information volunteered by the Facilities, Trainers, Reviewers and Searchers and we put all that together to help put the right person in the right hands to begin or further their fitness journey.

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Most Recent Reviews

POUND Fitness with Carla

Ireland, Co. Dublin

Overall Review Rating

Carla is such a great personality. I first got to do Pound with her at Wellfest and lucky to find a class near me. Pound fitness is a little community and I love being part of it!

Posted by Fiona Harrington Thursday 13th December 2018

JS Fitness

Farranree, Cork city, Co. Cork

Overall Review Rating

I found that Josh really listened to what my goal was and tailored Mt training plan and good plan to achieve that goal. He explained the techniques for the exercises very clearly and it was clear t...

Posted by Jade Sheehan Sunday 9th December 2018

Join The Revolution. Join The Gym Advisors.

The Gym Advisors offer an online platform for Fitness Facilities and Trainers to register profiles to showcase their unique selling points, their facilities, and their achievements. We make things easy for the experienced and not so experienced gym-goer to find the Fitness Facility or Trainer that’s perfect for them. We offer an opportunity for past and present clients of Fitness Facilities and Trainers to voice their fair and honest opinions of their experience. Most importantly, we aim to protect and improve the standards within the Irish Fitness Industry by providing the clearest picture of what’s available.

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