Do I actually need a Personal Trainer or Online Coach?

13/06/23 (2 Minute Read)

Blog Image - Do I actually need a Personal Trainer or Online Coach?

The fitness industry is a loud, complicated place. Especially if you haven’t interacted with it before, or your experience with weightloss has solely revolved around toxic diet clubs.


When looking to hire a Personal Trainer or Online Coach, your first stop will likely be social media. And my word is it overwhelming! So many people, so many opinions, who do you trust?


That’s what I experienced when I first needed help with my health, fitness, and confidence. (Read that story HERE) And that’s why I set up The Gym Advisors where we match you with your ideal Personal Trainer or Online Coach. But  we only want to help people who A/ need the help and B/ are ready to make the change. Only you can know if you’re ready but here’s where we can work out if you need the help.


To answer the question “Do I need a Personal Trainer?” or “Do I need an Online Coach?” you should first ask yourself these 4 simple questions:


Am I able to reliably go to the gym?

If you can get there without procrastinating, without making or looking for excuses, just go and get it done then you may not need our help.


Do I know what I’m doing when I get there?

Once you arrive, if you know how to use the machines, you’re confident in your technique and form, and there’s a structure to your workouts then you may not need a personal trainer or online coach.


Do I have goals and a plan of how to achieve them in the short, medium, and long term?

If you’re turning up and you know what you’re looking to achieve with this workout and how it helps you achieve what you’re trying to achieve then you’re getting closer to not needing any help.


Am I getting the results I want?

If you’re able to look back over your goals and be happy you’ve achieved them before moving on to the next one then you’ve got it nailed.


If you answered yes to all 4 of those questions then you do not need a Personal Trainer or Online Coach.


If, however, you answered no to any of them then you’re in the right place.


We have hundreds of qualified and experienced Fitness Professionals ready and waiting to offer you personalised guidance, accountability, and support that you need to achieve your health and fitness goals. And we’ll match you with your ideal Personal Trainer or Online Coach in as little as 24 hours for free - no matter your age, location, situation, preferences, or budget we’ve got the perfect person for you.


Click HERE to get started, you’ll even get a free consultation to make sure you’re happy with our work.