5 tips to be the perfect client for your Personal Trainer or Online Coach

09/05/23 (4 Minute Read)

Blog Image - 5 tips to be the perfect client for your Personal Trainer or Online Coach

Here’s something we don’t talk about enough: Just because you pay your Personal Trainer or Online Coach does not mean you can get away with behaving poorly towards them.


Here are 5 ways you can be a good client and, conveniently, get the best possible results with your Perfect Fitness Match.


1/ Communicate

This goes first because it is the key to every type of relationship - the only problem your personal trainer or online coach can’t help you solve is one they don’t know about.


If you see a problem coming down the road, tell them.


If you have any doubts or fears over a certain event or exercise or anything within their sphere, tell them.


Have a question – ask it!


2/ Follow instructions and provide feedback – find that balance

They are the expert. They have the qualifications, so you need to follow their instructions. They have a track record of successfully working with people like you before (At least the ones you’ll be matched with using the Perfect Fitness Match do!), they know what you need to do to get where you want to go.


HOWEVER, when something you’re being asked to do doesn’t feel right, give them feedback and work out a solution with your coach.


It’s a matter of finding the balance between just doing what you’re told and highlighting when something isn’t right - that balance is basically, follow their instructions because they know what their doing but communicate when something doesn’t feel right. Find that balance and you have cracked being a good client.


3/ Show Up

For sessions, for check ins, for yourself, show the hell up!


I often hear coaches talk about their clients going into hiding on bad weeks, they’ve gone on the beer, they’ve eaten everything within arms reach, they’re stressed so haven’t done their sessions. The irony, though, is that it’s weeks like this where you need your coach the most – in fact, it’s weeks like that where they earn their money.


4/ Be honest

Similar to the last tip, this is most important on bad weeks.


If you’re not honest about what you’re doing when you’re not with your Personal Trainer or Online Coach, they’ll look at your results and think “We need to change something here.”


If they’re doing that with incomplete or false information they’re going to make unnecessary changes – and the only one who suffers in that scenario is you because it’s your progress that will be slowed down or even ground to a halt.


And lets be real – most of the time your coach knows when you’re lying to them, the good ones have seen it all!


5/ Be punctual

Selfishly, I’ve saved this one until last because it’s my biggest pet peeve!


Remember in school when your teacher would say “it’s your own time you’re wasting” but you knew it wasn’t?


When it comes to your coach, be it in person or online, you’ve paid for their time in that time slot – do not expect to turn up 20 minutes late and still get to keep them 20 minutes past the agreed time.


While they might do it because they’re sound, it’s a pretty rubbish thing to do.


Look, it happens, go back to our very first tip – if you’re going to be late communicate! Tell them as early as possible so they can adjust as best they can.


So that’s it, the five ways to be a good client for a Personal Trainer or Online Coach – and in turn get the best results possible with them!


Communicate, follow their instructions, show up, be honest, be punctual.


Nail those five and your results are going to be off the charts!




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