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Christopher Sheridan

Co. Galway

Christopher Sheridan

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Co. Galway

About Christopher Sheridan

Hi Ladies & Gents 

My Name Is Chris, 

I'm 25 I've been in the fitness industry Since March 2019 in a paid position and before that Ive been volunteering in local sport organisations so health and fitness has been part of my life for quite a while & I'd love to help you improve your health and fitness no matter your start point

I'm Predominatly an offline trainer, who's taught exercises classes, one to one Pt and Semi Private training, 

I'm new to the online fitness scene and hoping you can help build and grow as a trainer and if you work with me you'll be helping me build a coaching process that will go on to help many others as I progress in the online world as a trainer. 

I havent really identified my Niche as I like working and helping as many people as I possibly can. 

I'm a trainer who wants to help you improve you quality of life and help add fitness to your lifestyle 

Just to give you an idea of who've Ive worked with in the past and if this sounds like you I can help 

1) Nurses & Shift Workers, Midwives 

2)  Office Workers 

3) Busy Mums 

4) Endurance Junkies who like to add Some Strength 

5) Reccational athletes 

If any of these sound like you get in contact & we can set up a consultation to see how I can help Move you towards your goals 

- Chris 


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Co. Galway

#79 The scales are not the enemy with Chris Sheridan

Chris Sheridan joins the podcast to tell us why he thinks the weighing scales are demonised and how they can be used in a healthy way to aid whatever your goal is.


The chat also touches on Chris' fitness journey, how he thinks the content we consume shapes our thoughts, and of course he adds 3 tunes to our Spotify playlist!

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5 Star Review

Posted by Margaret Mullen Thursday 9th September 2021

For a long time I had wanted to start regularly exercising knowing the added benefit of becoming fitter, having more energy with the bonus of potentially losing some weight. I chose Chris Sheridan PT as he had been recommended by the local gym I h...

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