Takeover 01 - Fitness Q&A. From hunger management to returning to exercise post-Covid


Mark Nealon took over our IG account recently and ended the day with a Live Q&A.


00:45 Any tips for returning to exercise post-lockdown with a shoulder injury

03:37 Given your history (of injury at a young age) what advice would you give to a young person just starting out?

05:40 What's involved in the (Free 14 Day) Kickstarter?

07:29 Is the kickstarter for men or women? And do you need a base level of fitness for it?

09:04 How do you keep motivation up to exercise long term?

12:00 Any tips for hunger management?

14:53 Best way to prevent injury?

17:27 Is keto a good way to lose fat?

20:09 Do you have any health and fitness podcast suggestions?

21:18 How much protein do you actually need and is that based on your current bodyweight or goal bodyweight?


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