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#43 New Covid restrictions, motivation, and self talk with Eimear Murphy

Andy is joined by Eimear Murphy to chat about the most recent Covid-19 restrictions and how they’ve drastically impacted her life and her career.


We also talk about her love of rugby, varying levels of motivation that even PTs experience, and how our self-talk affects our self-esteem. It’s not all doom and gloom though as craic is had and we hear Eimear’s favourite part of her job as well as the proudest she’s ever been of a client.



Sticking rigidly to the no-ads policy we don’t mention this in the episode but it’s a big, big week over for The Gym Advisors as today (Friday, October 16th) we’re quietly launching our equipment store. For one week only until October 23rd, our members, their clients, and you lovely podcast listeners are getting exclusive access so head to and the password is: betterfitness


But here’s the thing, have you ever heard of a store opening and then demanding you don’t buy anything? Well that’s what we’re doing – do not buy something from the store until you have talked to one of the many members of The Gym Advisors who have a 10% discount code. And if you have a PT and they’re not on what the hell are they at? Tell them to sign the hell up, it’s absolutely free and they’ll be able to get you that discount code.

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5 Star Review

Posted by Pauraic Kelly Thursday 22nd October 2020

Never was into exercise or training until I came across Eimear on Facebook when I decide to get my act together and do something! Eimear was brilliant from the beginning and I am delighted that I started. I trained with Eimear twice a week for 8 ...

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