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SW Coaching and Personal Training

Co. Monaghan

SW Coaching and Personal Training

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Co. Monaghan

About SW Coaching and Personal Training

Monaghan Based Strength Coach. Specialising in Strongman and Strongwoman training.

I have 4 years experience in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer. I have been involved and have competed in Strongwoman since 2015. 

Yes Strongwoman is my passion however, I cater for clients who are all on a different journey. I have experience in strongwoman, fat loss, muscle gain, pre and postnatal, bridal parties and mental wellness and confidence. 

Strongwoman does not make you bulky! Lifting Weights does not make you bulky!

I believe in educating my clients as well as trying to get them to reach their full potential. With SW Coaching you will reach your goal and you will see results. If your not willing to put the work in to get to where you want to be then neither will I!!

I cater for anyone who has a goal to reach:

Fat Loss

Muscle Gain

Strength Improovement

Wedding Ready

Mental Wellness/Confidence


History of my Strongwoman Competitions:

  • Monaghans Strongest Woman 2015 - 1st
  • Monaghans Strongest Woman 2016 - 3rd
  • Armagh Strongwoman pound for pound 2017- 3rd
  • Republic of Irelands Strongest Woman 2017 - 1st
  • Portadown Strongwoman 2017 - 1st
  • Monaghans Strongest Woman 2017 - 1st
  • All Ireland Strongwoman 2017 - 1st
  • Worlds Strongest Woman 2017 - 23rd
  • All Ireland Strongwoman 2018 - 1st
  • Britains Strongest Woman 2018 - 8th
  • Europeans Strongest Woman 2018 - 12th
  • All Ireland Strongwoman 2019 - 2nd
  • Static Monsters 2019 - 1st
  • Cerberus Cup 2.0 2019 - 2nd


Small Group Personal Training

One to One Personal Training

Group Classes

Strongman/Strongwoman Classes

Areas Of Expertise

Strongman/Strongwoman Coaching

Strength & Conditioning



Fat Loss

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Co. Monaghan

#74 Strongwoman deep dive with Sharon Williamson

Sharon Williamson joins the pod to chat all things Strongwoman training and competitions. As a society and as an industry we believe that we need to move away from goals that are solely weight based and move towards training and activity that generate performance goals instead.


Strongwoman is the perfect starting point and Sharon is the perfect guest to help us take a dive into the sport by bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as having the craic along the way.

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5 Star Review

Posted by Anna McCrarren Monday 8th February 2021

Sharon is the by far the best PT and strongman/woman trainer I have found to date. Sharon is consistently reliable, always keeps sessions motivating and has a lot of experience in participating and winning strongwoman competitions.Within 3 months ...

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