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Phoenix Fitness 247

Co. Galway

Phoenix Fitness 247

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Co. Galway

About Phoenix Fitness 247

Hello there.

My name is Sharon Ryan.

I am the owner of  Phoenix Fitness 247. 

If you  are reading this I assume you have clicked on my profile, Yahoo !! I hope to work with you soon :)

I am a happy, enthusiastic, kind soul, with the ability to empower individuals to achieve great results.

Helping others achieve their goals is my thing. People are my passion.

I'm based in the West of Ireland, between Mayo and Galway. I am a mobile personal trainer so we can train at your home, I also have access to gyms between Mayo and Galway if you prefer a gym enviornment. I also offer an awesome fun online programme, therefore  I can accomadate any lifestyle.

I'm over 10 years in the industry. Over that time I have helped people from all walks of life.  Most of my work was in Austrailia , which I loved but  I must say It is great to be back home helping in my local community.

I have a realistic approach to training. I get that we are not always going to be up beat and looking to dominate the world. Do not worry ! I got you. !!! :)

I can help you adapt your life style to fit in traning and follow basic nutritional guidelines and still get great results.

I also get there is alot of confusion around all the different types of diets, training styles etc. But as with everything in life the foundation is the platform for success.  The rest we will tweek to your specific needs. Again that is my passion. I'm qualified as an NLP coach which aids everything "Mind set " wise also.

Bottom line is, what is going on in the mind controls the body. ( Change the mind - Change the body.)


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for some general information.

Help me help you.


Sharon  Ryan :)






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Co. Galway

Corona Diaries #17 - Changing your habits and routines to reach your goals with Sharon Ryan

Are you sick of sabotaging your own efforts to reach a goal?

Are you fed up with reverting to old behaviours when you get stressed?

Are you worried you just can’t break out of these bad habits and achieve what you want to?

Fear not! Sharon Ryan of Phoenix Fitness 247 is here to tell us why we keep “falling off the wagon” and how we can begin to change our behaviours to match our ambitions.


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