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Lindym Fitness

Co. Meath

Lindym Fitness

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Co. Meath

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Club Active Kells,
Co. Meath 

About Lindym Fitness

I'm a mum of 4 children who decided 4 years ago enough was enough! I was so unhappy in myself and the way I looked, so I decided to take control and I have never looked back since. I fell in love with training so much that I decided at the age of 36 to head back to college to study what I love and hopefully pass on the love I have to others. 


One to One Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training

Group Classes

Older Adult Classes

Spin Instructor

Areas Of Expertise

Fat Loss



Muscle Building


Strength & Conditioning

Weight Loss

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Available In:

Co. Meath

Also Available In:

Club Active Kells,
Co. Meath 

Corona Diaries #18 Linda Murtagh - From crisps on the couch every night to inspiring women in fitness

We're constantly told the weighing scales are the only way to measure success when it comes to exercise and nutrition.


Listen to Linda Murtagh tell Andy how confidence should be the ultimate yardstick for progress and how she went from eating doritos on the couch every night to making fitness her career and inspiring women her life goal.


We also hear about an amazing event on in Navan this weekend that aims to raise money for a SOSAD, a mental health charity doing incredible work.

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