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Orlaith White Fitness

Co. Kildare

Orlaith White Fitness

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Co. Kildare

About Orlaith White Fitness

Hey there!

I'm Orlaith - I am a Coach & Personal Trainer based in UNIT 3 Health and Fitness. 

As a UNIT 3 coach, we work with a range of different people within our community who are striving towards many different goals. 

With my personal training clients, they too have many backrounds & needs but I spend most of my time primarily working with athletes from different sports - I have coached rugby players, gaelic footballers, swimmers, golfers, marathon runners and soccer players. 

My real passion lies with soccer specific coaching. I am fortunate to work with a number of high-performing soccer players such as Evan White, Claire Walsh & Orlagh Fitzpatrick. Depending on the time of year, I would programme their strength and conditioning, pre-hab/mobility routines and work more closely on areas such as agility, speed, endurance, balance, body control, lateral movement, running technique, ball work and position specific drills. As well as the physical aspect of training, I put a big emphasis on the education side of coaching. Especially so with the younger athletes. Each week I include education topics such as nutrition, recovery, goal-setting and mindset. I'm a big believer in mindset & encourage all the athletes I work with to educate themselves on the power of positive self-talk and body language. 

Check out my Instagram or Facebook for more information or to gain more insight into the sessions I do. Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions or queries.



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Co. Kildare

Corona Diaries #06 Orlaith White on working with athletes and clients during times of corona

Andy is joined by Orlaith White, a Personal Trainer and Coach who works in Unit 3 in Naas, Co. Kildare.

Orlaith tells us about her sports specific work with athletes and how the atmosphere created by the owners in Unit 3 allow her to go above and beyond for her clients.

We also revive an old classic feature by getting Orlaith to recommend her favourite Book, Podcast and Movie before ending with the proudest Orlaith has ever been of a client.

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