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Co. Cork

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The key focus of AliFit Online Coaching is to provide fun, educational, and most importanly, sustainable fat loss. 


My aim is to be the voice in fitness for young women that I needed when I was younger, and to abolish all fitness myths and avoid the vicious quick-fix cycles. I understand the determination it takes to get real results, from conquering everything from gym fear to adopting a new mindset to help you reach your goals.


What you can expect from my coaching is addressing foundational factors of fat loss in your general lifestyle, and optimisation of your health. I will not just be your fat loss coach, but your lifestyle coach. I ensure that my clients complete the process with the utmost confidence, in themselves and also in their journey beyond me, which is why I emphasise the educational side.


We will have frequent updates to your programme when needed, both nutritional and exercise. I will be on hand 24/7 to you to ensure you are getting the biggest push possible to realise your true capabilities. Most importantly, we'll have good craic along the way! 


Should you wish for more info you can send me an email on info@alifitpt.ie. 



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Co. Cork

#76 Anxiety, fitness, and me with Ali Murphy

Andy is joined by Ali Murphy to chat about anxiety and the effect exercise and fitness can have on it.


Ali had tried all the fads, followed all the social media fitness influencers and found her anxiety was much worse than when she had started trying to get fit.


Hear how she woke up one morning and said "Enough is enough" and turned her life around.

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